The Ruby Revolution with Oishii’s Rubī Tomato

Ruby Tomato( Credits: Oishii)

Introducing the latest sensation in the world of fresh produce: the Rubī Tomato. This petite, vibrant gem promises to revolutionize your snacking experience with its luscious flavor and impeccable texture.

Developed by Oishii, a pioneering vertical farming company, the Rubī Tomato is a testament to innovation and culinary delight.

As its name suggests, the Rubī Tomato boasts a radiant red hue reminiscent of a precious ruby. Its delicate skin is filled with a burst of juicy goodness, delivering a symphony of flavors with every bite.

Oishii proudly proclaims that this tomato is the epitome of umami, offering a unique taste profile that tantalizes the palate.

Transforming Snacking with Flavor and Innovation

A New Tomato Is Coming To Town(Credits: Oishii)

What sets the Rubī Tomato apart is not just its exceptional taste, but also its sustainable cultivation. Grown in Oishii’s state-of-the-art vertical farm in New Jersey, these tomatoes thrive without the need for pesticides.

Moreover, the vertical farming method ensures that the Rubī Tomato is available year-round, ensuring a constant supply of freshness regardless of the season.

Currently, these delectable tomatoes are exclusively available at the Jersey City location of Whole Foods Market, where they are offered in trays of 11 for $9.99.

However, Oishii has ambitious plans to expand distribution to other Whole Foods locations nationwide throughout the year, making the Rubī Tomato accessible to all tomato enthusiasts.

Oishii Ruby Tomato(Credits: Oishii)

But the Rubī Tomato is just the beginning of Oishii’s culinary innovations. The company has also introduced the Koyo Berry, a delightfully sweet berry perfect for starting your day on a high note. Similarly grown in vertical farms, the Koyo Berry boasts a flavor profile that promises to enrich your breakfast experience to new heights.

And for those with a penchant for luxury, Oishii presents the Omakase Berry—a decadent indulgence sourced from the foothills of the Japanese Alps.

Thanks to Oishii’s groundbreaking cultivation techniques, this exquisite berry can now be enjoyed year-round, offering a taste of luxury anytime, anywhere.

Oishii Ruby Tomatoes Harvested In New Jersey(Credits: Oishii)

In a place where culinary boundaries are constantly being pushed, Oishii emerges as a pioneer, bringing forth a bounty of flavors that transcend seasons.

With each bite of their meticulously crafted produce, Oishii invites you to savor the essence of freshness and indulge in the pleasure of pure, unadulterated taste.

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