Tech Giants and US Join Forces on AI for Security

Artificial Intelligence Is As Revolutionary As Mobile Phones And The Internet. (Credits: Getty Images)

In a landmark collaboration, the US government has convened a panel of top artificial intelligence (AI) experts and industry leaders to advise on leveraging AI technology for the protection of critical infrastructure against emerging threats, particularly those powered by AI.

Comprising CEOs from renowned tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI, alongside representatives from defense contractors and major industries, the panel underscores the imperative for public-private cooperation in leading the complex scenario of AI security.

New Panel to Tackle Emerging Threats While Ensuring Ethical Safeguards

Ceos Of Microsoft, Nvidia And Other Tech Giants Join Federal AI Advisory Board (Credits: Getty Images)

Amidst the absence of dedicated national AI legislation, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the formation of the AI Safety and Security Board, tasked with offering guidance to sectors such as telecommunications, utilities, and transportation on the responsible deployment of AI and readiness for potential disruptions.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas emphasized the dual nature of AI, acknowledging its transformative potential while highlighting the inherent risks. He stressed the importance of adopting best practices and concrete measures to mitigate these risks and harness the benefits of AI technology effectively.

The composition of the panel reflects a diverse array of stakeholders, including technology providers, chipmakers, AI model developers, civil rights groups, and academic institutions. This multifaceted approach ensures a comprehensive perspective on AI safety and security, drawing insights from various sectors and disciplines.

Artificial Intelligence Safety And Security Board Was Formed Through An Executive Order On AI That President Joe Biden Signed Last Year. (Credits: Getty Images)

The establishment of the AI Safety and Security Board stems from President Joe Biden’s executive order in 2023, mandating the creation of a cross-industry body to enhance security, resilience, and incident response related to AI in critical infrastructure.

This initiative aligns with ongoing efforts to regulate AI usage within federal agencies and underscores the government’s commitment to safeguarding national interests.

Against the backdrop of concerns over AI-driven disinformation, exemplified by the proliferation of deepfake technology, officials emphasize the need for vigilance in safeguarding democratic processes.

The threat posed by adversarial actors exploiting AI capabilities underscores the urgency of collaborative measures to defend against malicious manipulation.

AI Security (Credits: Getty Images)

As technology continues to evolve, the partnership between industry leaders and government entities serves as a linchpin in safeguarding critical infrastructure and upholding the integrity of democratic institutions.

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