Global Sting Disrupts $1 Million Phishing Ring

At Least 40,000 Phishing Domains, With About 10,000 Users Worldwide, Had Been Uncovered (Credits: ShutterStock)

Law enforcement agencies across 19 nations have successfully dismantled an extensive online platform responsible for selling phishing kits to cybercriminals, raking in over $1 million in illicit profits.

Led by the United Kingdom’s Metropolitan Police, the operation targeted LabHost, a hub facilitating the creation of fraudulent websites to dupe unsuspecting individuals into giving sensitive information such as email credentials and banking details.

With coordinated efforts spanning from the UK to Australia and Finland, 37 suspects were apprehended, and over 70 locations were raided between Sunday and Wednesday. The Metropolitan Police revealed that LabHost, operational since 2021, had amassed nearly £1 million ($1,173,000) in payments from criminal clientele, with approximately 2,000 users subscribing to its services on a monthly basis.

Law Enforcement Teams Take Down LabHost, Arresting Cybercriminals Worldwide

EU Agency Europol Supported The UK’s Metropolitan Police In The Global Operation Against Labhost. (Credits: Getty Images)

LabHost’s nefarious activities included the acquisition of 480,000 bank card numbers, 64,000 PINs, and over 1 million passwords utilized across various online platforms. The European Union’s law enforcement agency, Europol, played a pivotal role in coordinating the international crackdown, collaborating with agencies such as the US Secret Service and the FBI.

Europol disclosed that four individuals associated with LabHost, including its developer, were among those arrested. The investigation unearthed approximately 40,000 phishing domains, catering to around 10,000 users worldwide. Operating on a subscription model averaging $249 per month, LabHost provided cybercriminals with customizable illicit services tailored to target financial institutions, postal services, telecommunications providers, and more.

(Credits: Cybercrime Magazine)

One of the platform’s notable offerings was the LabRat campaign management tool, enabling criminals to monitor and execute phishing attacks in real-time while circumventing advanced security measures like two-factor authentication. The swift and coordinated action by law enforcement agencies underscores their commitment to combatting cybercrime and safeguarding individuals’ digital security worldwide.

Police Of 19 Countries Take Down Website That Stole Password (Credits: Getty Images)

As authorities continue to crack down on such criminal enterprises, this operation serves as a significant blow to the lucrative underworld of cybercrime, sending a clear message that perpetrators will be held accountable for their actions.

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