Atlanta is Embracing Sobriety With The Rise of Alcohol

An Assortment Of Zero-Proof Spirits (Credits: Martha Williams)

In an age where wellness takes center stage, The Zero Co emerges as a beacon of change in the sphere of beverages. Nestled in Atlanta’s vibrant Poncey-Highlands neighborhood, this boutique bottle shop is unlike any other.

Gone are the rows of traditional alcohol bottles; instead, shelves boast an array of non-alcoholic delights — from botanical spirits to dealcoholized wines.

Amy Hook, a 46-year-old executive, shares her journey of cutting back on alcohol, citing its diminishing returns on her well-being. Her sentiment resonates with a growing cohort of individuals embracing a “sober curious” lifestyle, where drinking less or abstaining altogether is seen as a positive choice.

Free Alternatives Crafting a New Culture of Mindful Consumption

Non-Alcoholic Beverages Pictured At New York’s Hekate Cafe And Elixer Lounge (Credits: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

Fueling this trend are innovative alternatives crafted with meticulous care. Cory Atkinson, co-owner of The Zero Co, emphasizes the craftsmanship behind these non-alcoholic offerings. From dealcoholized wines to spirits infused with adaptogens or THC, each product undergoes extensive research and development to deliver a nuanced drinking experience.

However, accessibility remains a challenge, with premium pricing deterring potential finders. Small-scale production and intricate processes contribute to increased costs, posing barriers for both consumers and establishments alike. Despite this hurdle, demand continues to surge, signaling a fundamental shift in drinking preferences.

Customers Enjoying Non-Alcoholic Beverages At New York’s Hekate Cafe And Elixer Lounge (Credits: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

Across the nation, bars and restaurants are adapting to this changing scenario. Mocktail menus are expanding, showcasing inventive concoctions that rival their alcoholic counterparts. Yet, the journey towards inclusivity is ongoing, with affordability remaining a pressing concern.

As Amy Hook finalizes her purchase at The Zero Co, she reflects on her newfound alcohol-free lifestyle. With warmer days ahead, she anticipates savoring a negroni sans alcohol, embracing the possibilities of a life without intoxicants.

Ian Tranberg, Right, Tastes A Non-Alcoholic Drink (Credits: Chicago Tribune)

In this evolving era of beverage culture, The Zero Co stands as a testament to the transformative power of choice. With each sip of non-alcoholic delight, patrons come on a journey towards holistic wellness, redefining the essence of modern drinking.

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