Chase Launches A New Digital Media Business, Chase Media Solutions

Chase Store (Credits: Chase)

Today, Chase introduced Chase Media Solutions, its latest digital media venture aimed at enabling brands to directly engage with the financial institution’s 80 million customers.

Chase Media Solutions acts as a crucial link for brands, facilitating connections with consumers’ individual interests and passions. In return, Chase customers enjoy tailored offers and the opportunity to earn cashback with beloved or newly discovered brands.

Distinguished as the sole bank-led media platform of its caliber, Chase Media Solutions merges the expansive reach and audience of a retail media network with the distinctive benefits of Chase’s first-party financial data, institutional trustworthiness, and precise targeting capabilities.

Presently, the bank’s extensive consumer base and 6 million small business clients reap the benefits of Chase’s diverse travel, dining, and shopping offerings, thereby generating unparalleled insights across consumer sectors.

The launch of Chase Media Solutions follows the integration of Figg, a prominent card-linked marketing platform, which JPMorgan Chase & Co. acquired in 2022. (Credits: Chase)

This acquisition represents a natural progression in Chase’s endeavor to develop its proprietary, two-sided commerce platform and aligns with the firm’s vision to deliver mutually beneficial value to both business clients and banking customers.

Rich Muhlstock, President of Chase Media Solutions, remarked,

“Our profound comprehension of consumer spending across various categories has led us to redefine what retail media networks can offer.

Similar to retailers, we possess first-party data and a dedicated audience. However, what distinguishes us is the unparalleled scale and insights derived from our customers – having long served as a trusted advisor for their financial decisions.

Chase transcends brands, merchants, and shopping verticals, providing an extensive view of purchase behavior; this amplifies personalization, enabling brands to deliver offers that pique consumer interest.”

Among the initial pilot partners, Chase Media Solutions crafted 30-day campaigns for Air Canada, Solo Stove, Blue Bottle, and Whataburger, witnessing notable traction for these brands in driving incremental sales and cultivating new customer growth. (Credits: Chase)

Key Advantages of the Chase Media Solutions Platform:

1. First-party data: Leveraging Chase’s proprietary transaction data, brands and agencies can effectively target customers at scale based on their purchase history (e.g., targeting new, lapsed, or loyal customers).
2. Enhanced ROI and attribution: Brands can capture incremental spend on everyday purchases, both in-store and online, with transparent attribution for every media dollar spent.
3. Trust and brand safety: Built upon Chase’s foundational trust and institutional credibility, the platform ensures a verified audience and brand-safe owned channels.

Reflecting on the success of their debut campaign, Scott O’Leary, Vice President of Loyalty and Product for Air Canada, commented,

“The Chase team adeptly devised a targeted offer that surpassed our expectations.

Two distinct offer constructs drove incremental revenue and awareness for Air Canada amongst Chase’s cardmember base. These trials unequivocally underscore the potential of the Chase Media Solutions channel, and we eagerly anticipate further collaboration in the future.”

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