Biden Administration Resumes Tariffs on Solar Panel Imports

Joe Biden Walks Past Solar Panels

In a move aimed at fortifying domestic solar panel production and safeguarding the ambitious plans fueled by the Inflation Reduction Act, the Biden administration is poised to restore tariffs on a dominant solar panel technology.

This decision effectively reverses a previous exemption that permitted the tariff-free importation of bifacial solar panels, predominantly sourced from China.

The impetus behind this pivotal decision stems from a formal petition submitted by South Korea’s Hanwha Qcells on February 23rd.

Supported by a chorus of seven additional companies with substantial investments in U.S. solar manufacturing facilities, the petition underscores the urgency of leveling the playing field against an influx of cheaper Asian imports.

Bolstering Domestic Production and Economic Security

The Logo of Hanwha

By reinstating duties on imported bifacial panels, which currently account for a staggering 98% of all imported modules, the administration seeks to nurture the burgeoning renaissance of domestic solar manufacturing.

This renaissance has been catalyzed by the incentives enshrined within the Inflation Reduction Act, a landmark legislation that has unleashed a wave of planned solar equipment factories across the nation.

South Korea’s Hanwha Qcells

The move not only aligns with Biden’s broader agenda of combating climate change and revitalizing American manufacturing but also resonates with the bipartisan calls from U.S. senators, who have urged the administration to fortify trade barriers against Chinese solar panels.

A Qcells solar panel

With duties initially imposed by former President Trump and subsequently extended by Biden, this latest tariff restoration represents a pivotal juncture in the administration’s efforts to foster a competitive and sustainable domestic solar industry.

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