A Singapore Grocery Mogul’s Tale, From Failure to Millions

Pang Actually Began Her Career As A Banker Before Realising That She Wanted More Out Of Her Life (Credits: Surrey Hills Grocer)

At just 35 years old, Pang Gek Teng’s path to success has been anything but conventional. Despite facing five failed business ventures, Pang’s perseverance and resilience have led her to build Surrey Hills Grocer, a thriving grocery store chain in Singapore that generates over $8 million in annual revenue.

Growing up in Singapore, Pang initially followed the traditional path of pursuing higher education and securing a stable job. However, her discontent with the corporate world drove her to experience entrepreneurship.

After moving to Australia for university and working briefly as a banker, Pang took a leap of faith and comeed on her entrepreneurial journey.

Pang Gek Teng Overcame Early Setbacks to Build an Empire From Humble Roots

Pang Gek Teng (Credits: Surrey Hills Grocer)

Over the years, Pang founded five different businesses, ranging from a tour agency to a home-cooked food delivery service.

Despite pouring her efforts into these ventures, none of them yielded the desired results. Undeterred by setbacks and financial challenges, Pang persisted in her pursuit of entrepreneurial success.

Pang Gek Teng (Credits: Surrey Hills Grocer)

In 2021, Pang’s perseverance finally paid off when she launched Surrey Hills Grocer, inspired by her time spent in Surry Hills, Australia. Despite initial skepticism from others, Pang remained undeterred and secured investment from a family friend, Alvin Lau, who shared her vision for the business.

Since its inception, Surrey Hills Grocer has experienced remarkable growth, with five locations established across Singapore. Pang’s innovative approach to blending a grocery store with a café concept has resonated with customers, resulting in impressive sales figures and ongoing expansion plans.

Surrey Hills Grocer (Credits: Surrey Hills Grocer)

Reflecting on her entrepreneurial journey, Pang emphasizes the importance of preparation, resilience, and seizing opportunities.

Despite facing numerous challenges along the way, Pang’s unwavering faith in her vision and willingness to take risks have propelled her towards success.

As Surrey Hills Grocer continues to thrive and diversify its offerings, Pang remains committed to her entrepreneurial spirit, embodying the belief that with determination and perseverance, even the most daunting challenges can be overcome.

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