United Airlines CEO Assures Customers That Flight Issues Are Being Addressed

United Airlines (Credits: David Zalubowski/AP)

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby addressed recent flight incidents in an email to customers on Monday, emphasizing the carrier’s commitment to safety amidst heightened concerns.

The incidents included a tire falling from a Japan-bound Boeing 777 and a missing panel discovered on an older Boeing 737 in Oregon.

Kirby reiterated that safety is their top priority and assured customers that the incidents, though unrelated, are under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines (Credits: Tom Brenner/The Washington Post via AP, File, Pool)

The airline is analyzing the details to enhance safety training and procedures across all employee groups.

These incidents come amid increased scrutiny of the aviation industry, notably after an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 experienced a door plug panel detachment on January 5.

Additionally, a United 737 Max plane slid off a Houston runway on March 8, and on March 4, a United Boeing 737 returning to Houston ingested plastic bubble wrap into its engine.

United Airlines Plane (Credits: United Airlines)

To address safety concerns, United Airlines plans to implement changes, including extra in-person training for pilots starting in May and a centralized training curriculum for new-hire maintenance technicians.

Kirby concluded the email by reaffirming passengers that the entire United team is dedicated to ensuring their safety on every flight.

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