Inquiry into Hunter Biden Leads to Lawmakers Arguments Amid Father’s Presidential Campaign


House lawmakers engaged in lengthy disputes, trading accusations regarding Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings during a hearing integral to the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden, along with his business associate Devon Archer, boycotted the House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing following their closed-door depositions.

This absence left three witnesses, each facing challenges to their credibility, including one testifying from prison and another who had served time.

Republicans raised the specter of recommending a Justice Department investigation into potential criminal charges against witnesses. They accused Hunter Biden and the president’s brother, James Biden, of perjury during their depositions.

Chairman Rep. James Comer alleged a scheme wherein the Biden family purportedly offered to resolve foreign partners’ issues by leveraging U.S. government connections.

However, Rep. Jamie Raskin, the top Democrat on the panel, deemed the hearing a failure, contending that the GOP witnesses failed to substantiate any presidential misconduct.

The aim of the GOP was to uncover President Biden’s alleged ties to his family’s business deals. (Credits: House Republicans)

Despite the president’s denials of involvement or benefit from these ventures, the inquiry delved into testimonies such as that of Tony Bobulinski, who claimed to have met with Joe Biden regarding a business proposal involving a Chinese company.

However, Democrats dismissed Bobulinski’s testimony as an attempt to tarnish the president’s reputation. They accused him of being a disgruntled business associate and disputed the significance of his claims.

Another witness, Jason Galanis, testified from prison, revealing details about Hunter Biden’s business connections. He alleged that a call arranged by Hunter Biden during a party with a Russian oligarch aimed to provide access to his father.

President Joe Biden

Democrats also called Lev Parnas, who previously worked with Rudy Giuliani to investigate the Bidens. Parnas refuted claims of Biden’s corruption in Ukraine and accused Trump and Giuliani of relying on Russian disinformation.

The hearing drew sharp criticism from both sides, with Republicans accusing Democrats of pursuing a Russia collusion narrative, and Democrats accusing Republicans of attempting to benefit Trump’s political aspirations. Despite the contentious exchanges, the hearing failed to uncover new substantial evidence against President Biden.

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