Florida’s Condominium Market in Trouble Amid Market Struggle

The rapid cooling of Florida's condominium market can be attributed to a squeeze play dissuading discerning buyers from entering the market.

For decades, retiring and purchasing a condominium in Florida has symbolized a significant milestone for countless Americans entering their golden years.

However, a troubling convergence of factors, including soaring insurance rates, escalating homeowners’ association fees, and surging interest rates, is deterring potential buyers and transforming Florida’s once-thriving condominium market into a crisis zone.

Recent data from a Redfin report paints a grim picture of Florida’s condominium market, signaling a market in decline, struggling to adapt to a new reality. Key indicators highlight the extent of the market’s struggle.

Condo owners are now grappling with a confluence of challenges that would have seemed inconceivable just a decade ago.

Firstly, condominium listings have surged by 30% compared to the same period a year ago. Equally alarming is the retreat in prices observed across some of Florida’s major markets in comparison to the national average for condominiums.

  • Tampa condos are selling for an average of 1% less ($235,000).
  • Miami condos are selling for an average of 2.5% less ($385,000).
  • Orlando condos are selling for an average of 4.8% less ($200,000).
  • Jacksonville condos are selling for an average of 6.5% less ($254,000).

Furthermore, pending sales of condominiums in four of Florida’s largest markets have notably declined or remained stagnant compared to the previous year. This indicates a diminishing appeal of Florida condos among potential buyers.

“Condos are sitting on the market much longer than they used to, with less interest from buyers,” remarked Jacksonville agent Heather Kruayai in the Redfin report.

Firstly, Florida boasts the highest homeowner insurance premiums in the nation, with the average Floridian paying approximately three times more than the national average.

Additionally, the only expense escalating faster than insurance premiums are the homeowners association (HOA) fees associated with many Florida condominiums.

Nate O'Hara
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