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Will Smith Is Back On Instagram

Will Smith Is Back On Instagram

In an era where most stories don't last more than a few hours before being brushed aside by the next bombshell,

We've been kept up to date on every development since Will Smith smacked Chris Rock on the stage at the Oscars in March.

Smith expressed regret and stepped down from the Academy. Smith was barred from attending the Oscars ceremony for ten years

Smith apologized again four months later, this time in a YouTube video.

It had been a few weeks since any of the key players had spoken out about it,

Smith has only used his Instagram account twice since the Oscars,

But he returned on Friday evening with a comedy.

Smith captioned a video of a baby gorilla gingerly touching an adult until the latter becomes irritated enough to chase it,

Tom Cruise/Vogue


Me trying to get back on social.”