BY may ann gallego

Why Mac Users Should Uninstall Zoom Application?

Why Mac Users Should Uninstall Zoom Application?

Zoom's Mac installer had a rookie mistake that enabled hackers to do anything to your ...


Zoom has a past of security and trust issues, from installing secret web servers to lying about DAUs.

A flaw in the installer has been found by Mac security researcher Patrick Wardle, leaving users open to being hacked.



The best way to avoid security flaws in Zoom's care is not to install the desktop software.

Zoom's finest feature is that anyone may join a call by clicking a web link.

Use a web browser to use Zoom on a Mac. You won't get all the features; it's okay if you only want to make video calls. 


- Computer Monitoring Expert


Just uninstall all meeting apps from your computer. Use the browser version of the meeting client. They work well now.