Which Is the Best Voice Assistant?

Who doesn’t want an assistant that makes your list, reminds you about the meetings, answers your questions, and plays music when you ask?

Smartphones nowadays have a voice assistant

And Android has Google Assistant, and IOS has Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, 

While, Windows has Cortana and Samsung has Bixby.

which  is the best voice assistant


Alexa is intelligent, suitable for shopping, and compatible with other smart home devices. It sometimes lacks accurate answers and does not come pre-installed on smartphones.

Google Assistant is great at answering questions; it is faster and has the second best intelligent device compatibility.

Siri is ideal for those who are familiar with the Apple ecosystem. They are designed to work better together; they are compatible with HomeKit, and they understand 21 languages.

But Siri isn’t compatible with many third-party services and it is not as versatile as other assistants.

Alexa, because it has the best device compatibility, which is much more important than answering questions.

So, the best voice assistant is ...