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Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour: Top Model Comparison

Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour: Top Model Comparison

Both of these SUVs appear massive and buff in proportions in person, and their size is indeed intimidating.

However, when the dimensions are compared,

The Ford Endeavour emerges as the unambiguous favorite.

It has a sizable length advantage and narrowly defeats the Fortuner in terms of breadth and height.

Performance of a Fortuner engine

Although it seems unusual to pair a gasoline engine with such a large SUV, Fortuner's gasoline engine is really rather powerful. 

The 2.7-liter engine is the same one that powers the Innova Crysta MUV. 

Performance of the Endeavor Engine

The Endeavour provides two displacement options but keeps to the standard segment diesel-only powerplants, unlike the Fortuner. 

The Toyota Fortuner, the most current of the two vehicles, had a complete redesign in 2017.

Tom Cruise/Vogue

A full redesign was also given to the Ford Endeavour. However, it happened a year before the Toyota Fortuner.