The Worst Privacy Features Coming In iOS 16

The Worst Privacy Features Coming In iOS 16

Apple seeks to distinguish itself by prioritizing privacy while developing hardware and software.

Despite the fact that the firm has successfully launched critical features like Sign in with Apple,

We save all of our data on one device, including our pictures, movies, texts, contacts, financial information, etc. 

Recently, 9to5Mac reported how quickly and easily thieves may obtain financial information on an iPhone that has been unlocked.

And it isn't the only issue. Your iPhone can be used for anything if someone knows your four- or six-digit PIN.

In light of this, the ability to lock a note on the Notes app with a distinct PIN is one of the coolest features that I've always adored.

However, Apple now intends to enhance convenience with protection with iOS 16. When you launch the Notes app on iOS 16 for the first time, it states,

End-to-end encrypt your protected notes with your smartphone to eliminate the need for another password.

I firmly advise using third-party apps that can better safeguard your data even though Apple does not address these vulnerabilities in iOS 16.