The 10 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022

The 10 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022

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10 Bluehorn 40-inch selfie-stick tripod

Bluehorn Selfie Stick/eBay

9 Shoulderpod S2

Shoulderpod S2/Amazon

8 Square Jellyfish mini tripod

Square Jellyfish/Amazon

7 Xenvo SquidGrip tripod

Xenvo SquidGrip/Xenvopro

6 Joby GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging kit

Joby GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging kit/Joby

5 Selfie Stick & Tripod Fugetek

Selfie Stick & Tripod Fugetek/Amazon

4 Joby GripTight Pro TelePod

Joby GripTight Pro TelePod/Apple

3 Manfrotto Pixi Mini tripod

Manfrotto Pixi Mini tripodAmazon

2 Ravelli APTL3 53-inch tripod

Ravelli APTL3 mini tripod/Amazon

1 GripTight ONE GorillaPod Stand

GripTight ONE GorillaPod Stand/Joby