Tesla Model Y Best Features And Price

Tesla Model Y Best Features And Price

The Model Y is a beautiful and spacious electric SUV that has a lot of appeal.

It lacks the insane acceleration of the Performance but is still rather speedy.

In spite of the fact that few people actually purchase automobiles,

Tesla has found out how to create a significant amount of social media hype.

How does the Model Y operate


The Model Y Long Range tested by Edmunds took just 4.8 seconds to accelerate from a stop to 60 mph.

Is the Model Y comfortable?

The interior of the Model Y is comfortable in some ways while falling short in others.

The seat heaters warm up quickly, and the seats are highly padded and offer enough support.

All passengers have plenty of headroom and legroom in the Model Y's roomy cabin.

The cost of the Tesla Y model is between $65,990 and $69,990.