Tekken: Bloodline Ending Explained

Tekken: Bloodline Ending Explained

'Tekken: Bloodline' is a fighting ONA that can be streamed on Netflix. It is also a part of the vast...

 'Tekken' multimedia series

The anime begins between the timelines of the 'Tekken 2' and 'Tekken 3' video games...

before following the plot of the third game with much artistic license.

what's the ending


Jin wins his first bout against Leroy Smith, but he breaks Leroy's leg in the process.

Jin meets Hwoarang next. After beating Hwoarang, he doesn't kill him, drawing Heihachi's wrath.

Devil Jin beats Heihachi when angry. Jin prevents killing his grandfather out of respect for his late father, Kazuya Mishima.


Tom Cruise/Vogue

In the end, Jin takes one final look at Lin Xiaoyu before going into the unknown.