BY jon arvie

Samsung's Data Breach Revealed Some Customers Name!

Samsung's Data Breach Revealed Some Customers Name!

Customers of Samsung are being alerted to a cybersecurity problem that occurred in July.

“an unauthorized third party acquired information from some of Samsung’s U.S. systems,” 

Names, item registration data, contact information, and birthdays are among the info that is included.

The Samsung company didn't reveal any details on how many customers were affected.

“We have taken actions to secure the affected systems and have engaged a leading outside cyber security firm,” Samsung company said.

The company also says they will inform the customers to make them mindful of this case.

In March was the first time that Samsung confirmed a data breach, and the hackers were able to rob 200 gigabytes of confidential source code.

The company has said that no credit card or debit and social security numbers were taken.


“consumer devices were not affected in connection with this incident.” Samsung company said.