BY may ann gallego

New Concept of Audi Activesphere Teased

New Concept of Audi Activesphere Teased

Audi has been unveiling spherical concepts since August. They tease the automaker's future design direction and are ...


The automaker is already dropping hints about its fourth concept vehicle in the series.

what does the new concept LOOK like


The Activesphere seems to be a sleek coupe or sedan with massive tires and plenty of ground clearance. 

It has an electric drivetrain and is intended for autonomous driving, like Grandsphere and Skysphere,

Audi obscured the two-door part of the study's body in the single teaser shot, so it's not confirmed.

Automakers remain cautious regarding production plans for this series, including the latest one.

Audi isn't disclosing any further Activesphere details, and we won't see it for a long since Activesphere will launch in 2023.