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Lenovo Announces New AR Glasses

Lenovo Announces New AR Glasses

We've heard a lot about Apple's first mixed reality headset, the Apple Watch.

This is set to be released sometime next year

However, while that day has not yet arrived, 

Lenovo has announced its newest AR glasses, the "T1," which, surprisingly, work with iPhones, iPad, and even Mac.

Lenovo Glasses T1 is the company's response to making this product category more accessible to the general public.

the glasses design are black with unique lenses.

In fact, because it only works when connected to another device, the manufacturer bills it as "your personal mobile display solution."

It contains two Micro OLED displays, each with a 1080p resolution, that display Full HD material at a speed of 60Hz.

According to ArsTechnica, the brightness level is fair, and the colors are brilliant, not to mention that the interface and fonts are “clear” enough.