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Kevin Owens Finally Confronts Sami Zayn 

Kevin Owens Finally Confronts Sami Zayn 

Sami Zayn of "WWE SmackDown" competed in the Intercontinental Championship Number One Contender's match.

Sheamus eventually won the competition.

However, another interesting occurrence occurred after the cameras were switched off.

Standing in the ring after McIntyre's onslaught, Zayn was unexpectedly joined by Kevin Owens.

When Owens entered the ring with Zayn, the crowd exploded in shouts and "Ole" chants.

When the audience quieted enough for him to be heard, Owens stated that if it hadn't been for Zayn, he wouldn't be in WWE.

resulting in a "Thank you, Sami" chorus, but Owens wasn't done.

"You're way too good to be Roman Reigns' b*tch. You're too good to be anyone's b***h." Owens said to Zayn. 

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Zayn replied that he is "nobody's b***h."