BY shruti mokta

Is there any Platform which can beat Amazon?

Over the years, Amazon has become a common household name when they want to buy gadgets, fruits, skin care products, books, clothes, shoes, toys.

However, why only amazon, and why not order from any other website?

Amazon has everything from A to Z

is there any platform that can beat amazon


Even the most obscure item can be found at a great price on Amazon, and it allows third parties to sell their items on Amazon.

And small businesses from some small towns sell their sought-after items on Amazon.

Walmart-owned Flipkart is tough competition to Amazon; it has everything from gadgets to clothing, like Amazon. 

During the 2021 festive sales, the Flipkart group captured 62% of the market.

Tatacliq is another contender to Amazon, which sells gadgets and fashion items but is ready to expand into other categories.

Meesho has also jumped into the race to compete against Amazon; it allows small businesses to sell and resell their products.

Reliance is about to launch its e-commerce platform, which will give competition to Amazon.

And Lastly,