iPhone Wins Over Android Have 50% Market In US

iPhone Wins Over Android Have 50% Market In US

America talks about the great debate of the iPhone vs. Android for the first time in smartphone history.

According to the reports, smartphone users in the United States prefer iPhones to Androids.

The reports added that iPhone sales surpassed the whole Android ecosystem in June.

Having 50% of the market share for smartphone users in the US.

In the first quarter of the iPhone release date, iOS never reach a 50% market share.

After several years of the iPhone's release, Anroid surpassed iOS to claim a large install base, but ...

It seems that the tables have shifted. Android users have decreased by 70% from a 77% market share in 2018 globally.

While iPhones have an international growth of 25% in the world's phone users,

Apple continues to conquer the smartphone market, having 57% of sales, and there is no sign that Apple is slowing down with the release of the iPhone 14.