iPhone 14 Is A Lot Closer Than We Thought

iPhone 14 Is A Lot Closer Than We Thought

The outlet reported a good probability Apple would unveil the iPhone 14 throughout its next event on ...

 September 7th

Rumors about the iPhone 14 are rising as it is near the anticipated unveiling at Apple's September Event.

There is a high possibility that iOS 16 will be released to the public during the same month.

what is  the  features of iphone 14


According to sources, they believe Apple will introduce a 6.7-inch iPhone alongside the standard 5.4-inch model.

The new iPhone 14 is also anticipated to have a revised front-facing camera notch for full-screen real estate.

It's also anticipated that the Pro model will have a bigger processor than the A15 chip in most existing iPhones.

People are expecting Apple to unveil iPhone 14 on September 7, but the company hasn't said when or how much.