BY jon arvie

Google Meet To Introduce Zoom's Handy Shortcuts

Google Meet To Introduce Zoom's Handy Shortcuts

The option to unmute yourself in a Google Meet conference by just holding down the space bar has been made official by Google.

By letting go of the space key, you can then revert to a muted state.

Google's video conferencing system, the new function will be accessible.

despite the fact that it might take up to 15 days for everyone to see it.

However, you will need to explicitly activate it by going to Meet's settings menu.

It will be useful for many people who want to join a video call muted by default.

It is especially helpful for those who regularly forget to return to the muted state after speaking.

The greatest video conferencing software programs, like Zoom, already have this feature.

The update arrives at a time when Google's decision to combine Meet and Duo is still unclear.