By angela cruz

Fitbit Announces New Wearable Tech

Fitbit Announces New Wearable Tech

Fitbit announced Inspire 3, Versa 4, and Sense 2 wearables. Thinner, and more comfortable gadgets.

Inspire 3

A 10-day battery-powered tracker. The inexpensive gadget with a color display can monitor crucial parameters.

Versa 4

Fitness-focused wristwatch with over 40 training modes, real-time statistics, built-in GPS, and active zone minutes.

Sense 2

A six-day smartwatch that regulates stress and measures heart health. New biosensor.

Fitbit Premium includes a daily readiness score, sleep profile, and 1,000 activity and mindfulness sessions.

Tom Cruise/Vogue

The three new wearables will be available in September at top local merchants with a six-month premium subscription.