By nyx p.

Chinese EV Manufacturer Xpeng Promises Tesla's New Rival 

Xpeng, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has teased details about two new vehicles it wants to debut next year.

with one positioned to compete with Tesla's Model Y.

Xpeng has been aggressive in car launches as it seeks to acquire a part of China's fast-growing electric vehicle industry.

and rival competitors such as Tesla and Warren Buffett-backed BYD.mers in October

While the firm has not made any official announcements about the two new vehicles,

 Xpeng President Brian Gu has revealed some details.

One of the cars will be a B-class vehicle, while the other will be a C-class vehicle.

The classes relate to the vehicle's size.

President Brian Gu stated that “actually going to target [an] even larger market segment.” 

Greater than the P7 sedan, He described the vehicle as a "strong rival" to Tesla's Model Y mid-sized SUV.