By Utkarsh Srivastava

Arrow vs Hawkeye, Who has the best eagle eye?

There have been many bow-and-arrow users in fictional works but only two stand out with their exceptional aim- The Green Arrow and HawkEye.

Oliver Queen, otherwise known as the Green Arrow is a masked vigilante crimefighter who is a millionaire in his non-superhero persona.

HawkEye, a phenomenal archer and member of the Avengers. His real name is Clint Barton and he is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

Who is the better archer between the two?

While HawkEye might take the lead in agility and strength, The Green Arrow is overall a better archer and combatant.

Here are some of their impressive feats...

HawkEye once knocked out a thug by using a hairband as a bow and a spoon as an arrow... All while sitting at a bar counter!

The Green Arrow can shoot 29 arrows per minute and can even shoot an arrow into a gun barrell from 500 yards away!

These are the most formidable archers in the fictional universe, and can even outpower gunned thugs and shoot arrows with pin-point precision from kilometres away!