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Apple Confirms 95% of Users Have 2FA Enabled

Apple Confirms 95% of Users Have 2FA Enabled

The next series of Apple software updates are coming this fall, including the iOS 16 And Ventura.

Apple will also launch the integrated support for the ...

Passkey standard, which is defined as unique digital keys

Passkey standard was invented to replace the condition for passwords with streamlined sign-in across your devices, websites, and apps.

Passkeys in macOS Ventura and iOS 16 will need you to have two-factor authentication activated for your iCloud account,

which adds another degree of security.

While this may appear to be a barrier to user acceptance of passkeys, Apple claims that this will not be the case.

Apple revealed exclusively to 9to5Mac that over 95% of active iCloud users have two-factor authentication enabled on their accounts.

This is a significant accomplishment by Apple as part of its attempts to protect customers across devices and accounts.