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Anderson Cooper Steps Back From Hosting 'The Mole'

Anderson Cooper Steps Back From Hosting 'The Mole'

Netflix's addition to The Mole's past seasons has reignited it. But, Anderson Cooper, the best-known host ...


According to Vulture, Anderson Cooper will not host this upcoming episode of The Mole.

Why did Anderson Cooper quit hosting  The Mole


Perhaps it's because he has moved on from a position he held for almost 20 years.

Anderson Cooper is probably busy raising his two kids, one of whom was born in 2022.

After Cooper's departure, ABC rebranded it as Celebrity Mole with Ahmad Rashad as host.

People wish Netflix had a mole so that they could find out more about the reboot.


- Anderson Cooper


My last year at ABC, I was working overnights anchoring this newscast then during the day at 20/20. So I was sleeping in two- or four-hour shifts, and I was really tired and wanted a change