General Motors Recalling Bolt Model Electric Vehicles Over The Fire Risk

General Motors is one of the largest European based automobile manufacturing has been designing high-quality affordable vehicles for the last couple of years. The company has a storing technical knowledge in designing engineering automobile vehicles which comes with the turbocharged engines. They have been into the automobile manufacturing business partnering with many leading engineering companies for gaining technical knowledge to know about designing the internal core component of the vehicle. General Motors has recently announced that they will be calling back 69,000 Chevrolet Bolt electric cars around the globe. It looks like this model electric car from the company has some issues with the battery power supply which caused malfunctioning while driving.

It’s said that due to this malfunctioning of the engines, the five electric cars have got fire during the operation. General Motors has openly announced that they are not sure about the problem which caused the fire in the vehicle, their team of experts in the engineering design has been continuously working in figuring out the main reason which triggered the fire inside the vehicle. Since this is the first time that these long-time automobile manufacturing companies have started developing electric motors cars, it might take some time for stabilizing their products. Many European automobile manufacturing companies have been designing electric motors which get sensed through the sensors placed around the vehicle.

It’s reported that two of the people who were travelling in the car have suffered due to the flams which raised during the fire. This caused the company to take serious attention to their product to protect their customers from this kind of threats. ┬áJesse Ortega, Bolt Executive Chief Engineer has announced that the dealer of the vehicle will be charging 90% of the total battery to make sure that their vehicles are sound and safe. Its quite clear that this electric discharge has happened mainly due to the electric leak which happened around the battery connection. This looks more like an earlier day of lithium-ion battery which caused the mobile phone to get blast while charging excessively. It looks like the dealers around the globe will be charging the vehicles through the software which limits the charging of the vehicle up to 90%.

General Motors Bolt
General Motors Bolt Image

It looks like the company has been analysing the solution for fixing the problem which is causing trouble in their electric motor automobile vehicles. The company have released a circular in which its stated that they are calling back the model from 2017 to 2019. It’s estimated that more than 58,000 units of automobile vehicles will be called back form the US. The manufacturing company also has sold this model vehicle in many European and Asian countries. This announcement came soon after the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that they are willing to make sure that everything is perfect in the Bolt model vehicles after the fire incident which spread around the internet.

Many countries are actively involving in checking the safety features of the electronic gadgets to prevent their proper, from the hazardous material. It looks like this move in calling back the vehicles to their service station around the globe might cost the company both in terms of money and material.

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