The Midnight Sky Release Date – What Lies Beneath Apocalypse

The Midnight Sky is a post-apocalyptic movie based on the novel “Good Morning Midnight.” It is written by L.B.Dalton in the year 2016. The story was inspired by the film “2012”, released in 2009. “2012” features a series of calamities that resulted in an apocalypse. The novel was a New York Times bestseller. And in 2019, George Clooney announced the project and started working on The Midnight Sky. 


In one of his interviews, Clooney mentioned that when he was young, he fantasized about saving the world. When he read the novel, he said that it felt like a late wish came alive; He also mentioned that he was thrilled to play the role. George said he has never been so excited for any of his movies. He concluded by saying, “I used to stay up late to watch The Midnight Sky.” And as the title says, this movie is very close to his heart.”

The Plot Of The Midnight Sky

The Midnight Sky is a post-apocalyptic movie starring starred George Clooney. Agustine (Clooney) is the protagonist who is a lonely scientist of Artic. The storyline implies that the Earth has fallen into a mysterious global catastrophe. Due to which humans had to evacuate the planet. Still, Augustine was obstinate about leaving his home behind. Now, this describes the very lonely adjective used to explain a scientist. 

In the novel, Agustine is narrated as a lonely scientist who rests in the morning and adores stars at night. On those cloudy days, he draws those balls of fire and then loves them.

Augustine caught sight of a spaceship returning to Earth from a mission in deep space exploration mission.” Felicity Jones” stars as “Sully”, the head of the unit. David Oyelowo, Tiffany Boone, Demian Bichir, Kyle Chandler, and Sophie Rundle also star in the movie.

And they have no idea about the catastrophe that ended all the lives on Earth. As the trailer suggests, the astronauts were trying to reach out to the world but couldn’t get any response in return. It’s when Augustine’s solitude is interrupted by a six-year-old girl child who survived the catastrophe.

It is a story of a scientist struggling to contact a crew of astronauts. And awarding them not to come back home. Meanwhile, taking care of a child on the land of non-living. Caoilinn Springall (Iris) plays the six-year-old girl in the movie. In one of his interviews, George said, when I look at Caoilinn, I see a younger version of myself. She is fearless and ready to fight whatever life throws upon her, which is rare to find in a six-year-old kid. 

Release Date of The Midnight Sky

The Midnight sky was releasing on 11th December 2020 in theatres, but COVID19 theatre screening does not get better responses. So the producers agreed to release the movie on Netflix on 23rd December 2020. In a good fate of Christmas, George said we would be streaming the midnight sky on 23rd December 2020 on Netflix.

Even though the reviews of The Midnight Sky were not adequate but let’s see how many streams the movie gets on Netflix.

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