The Witcher: Blood Origin Might Set Up A Pre-Conjuction World

A variety of the fans are aware that The Witcher has been adapted from the beloved books that have been penned down by author Andrzej Sapkowski. They have also proved to be a major inspiration for the popular video games of The Witcher by CD Projekt Red. All this while, we know that Sapkowski likes to touch on various events such as the Conjunction of the Spheres. This is why it is sort of clear that the story of Blood Origin is going to be much more reliant on the imagination of the writer because a very little amount is known about this timeline of the history in the Continent.

Despite this fact and anonymity, there is still a foundation of abundant history from the early ages that we can expect the show to be about. Obviously, this world got extremely popular in waves. The first ones were the gnomes and later arrived dwarves in the scene with elves arriving at the last. All this while, we are aware of the fact that these elder races were not exactly existing with each other in peace but then the Conjunction of the Spheres literally threw the whole world into chaos.


The Witcher: Blood Origin ― What happened after the Conjunction?

Because of this event, millions of sorts if unnatural creatures were trapped and this includes humans as well as monsters from other dimensions. Although, there is not much information about what was the major cause behind this Conjunction event and people do not even know how it changed the fate of the Continent permanently. The origin of the very first Witcher is something that is almost told to everyone in the form of a myth as a Conjunction.

It is said that long after we had the monsters appearing on the Continent, a group of renegade mages came all united in order to create a weapon against the supernatural creatures that have all become a mess on the people in many regions. Well, it is popularly revealed that some of the sorcerers like Alzur were responsible themselves for creating the most terrific abominations that can ever be imagined through magic. Although, you guys should know that the first witchers were actually produced in secret.

Can The Witcher: Blood Origin show us the world before Conjunction?

This was all done through an incredibly painful ritual that has come to be known as The Trial of Grasses. Although, every being that survived this process received enhanced reflexes along with speed as well as agility. This is the factor that has made them the ultimate monster killers. We know that the show is going to be able to find its own manner to narrate these events. Well, if the creators allow the audience to explore this world before the Conjunction happened, it will surely prove to be a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the different societies of the Elder Races. This is something that the main Witcher show can not do.

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