Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Release Date – Episode 1 Breakdown

Based on the popular manga by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan is a super hit anime that has captured the wildest imaginations of its fans all around the world. The fourth and final season of the anime is already out with its first episode premiered on December 7, 2020. Right after episode 1 release, fans are waiting to watch the second season and want to find out when it’s releasing. Let’s find out about all the important and relevant details of Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2.

A Quick Recap of Episode 1

The first episode features a young Eldian soldier named Falco, who managed to rescue from the battlefield with the help of his brother, Colt. The boy fails to remember where he is and then his colleagues tell him about the final battle of the four-year war. Captain Magath is another character who gives orders to the soldiers and manages the war.

A spirited and zealous Gabi distracts enemy soldiers and throws grenades at the opposing team which was reciprocated by heavy fire. The other characters are Reiner and Galliard who fight bravely on the battlefield and have the sole aim to defeat the enemy.

Zeke is also another zestful soldier who throws ammunition at the enemy’s fleets at the port and right after that, Fort Slava is taken over by the Eldian forces which mark the end of the four-year war. However, in this process, Reiner is badly injured. After the war, a peace of treaty is signed between both military forces, and as the news spread, a mysterious man appears in a black suit and hat.

Episode 2 Plot details

As far as the episode 2 predictions are concerned, it might be seen to the audience that after the four-year war between the Marleyan army and the Mid-East Allied Forces, things will be explored on a deeper level. So far, the former has emerged triumphantly but the victory is never permanent, and nor it comes without a cost.

Also, the second episode might also portray the military head struggling and managing to come up with new strategies that must be fully reliant on the Titans. Fans can also expect to see the remaining soldier heading back to Liberio, and the most significant and exciting thing about the second episode will be the revelation of the identity of the mystery man.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Release Date

After the first episode of season 4 of Titan, Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 which is titled “Midnight Train” will be release on December 14, 2020, at 12:00 AM JST. However, the release date and time will be different for different zones and regions. For the US and the UK zones, the release date will be December 13, 2020, at 7:10 AM Pacific and 3:10 PM GMT respectively.

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It will vary as per your time zone and region. Every episode of the fourth season is slated to release after every subsequent week so you can easily watch or download the episode. The other good news is that now you can watch the brand new episodes on various platforms which include Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation which stream the episodes online and you can watch them at any time. Apart from this, the option to buy episodes on Amazon is also available; however, a certain amount of fee is charged.


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