Elon Musk Apple Says ‘Fully Resumed’ Advertising On Twitter, This E-Commerce Giant Is Schedule To Follow Suit

The news of Apple resuming advertising on Twitter has been making headlines lately. After months of halting its promotional activities on the social media platform, Apple has now decided to start advertising again. This news was confirmed by none other than tech mogul Elon Musk, who also revealed that e-commerce giant Amazon is set to follow suit.

The news of Apple’s return to Twitter comes as a breath of new air for the tech industry. After all, the tech giant had halted its advertising on the platform back in May 2020 after an internal investigation had revealed that some of its ads were appearing alongside extremist and hateful content. Subsequently, Apple also instructed its marketing teams to suspend the buying of ads on Twitter until further notice.

However, the suspension of its advertising activities had a major impact on the tech giant’s overall marketing strategy. After all, Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms out there, and it has been a major source of brand awareness for Apple in the past.

Now, Apple has finally decided to resume its advertising activities on Twitter. As confirmed by Elon Musk in a tweet, Apple has “fully resumed” it is advertising on the platform. This news has been welcomed by many in the tech industry, as it could potentially mean that Apple may now be willing to invest more in its marketing strategies.

Apart from Apple, e-commerce giant Amazon is also set to resume its advertising activities on Twitter. This was revealed by Musk in the same tweet. Wherein he stated that Amazon would be following in Apple’s footsteps and resuming its advertising activities on the platform.

This news comes as a major boost for both Apple and Amazon, as they have been struggling to maintain their brand presence on social media platforms in the wake of the pandemic. With this move, both companies are now likely to increase their marketing efforts on Twitter, which could potentially be beneficial for them in the long run.

The resumption of Apple and Amazon’s advertising activities on Twitter is likely to have a positive impact on the tech industry as a whole. After all, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, and it has the potential to reach millions of users. Therefore, it is likely that the renewed presence of these tech giants on the platform could help raise awareness about their products and services, which could potentially be beneficial for their bottom lines.

In conclusion, Apple and Amazon’s return to Twitter is likely to be a major boon for the tech industry. With their renewed presence on the platform, these tech giants are now likely to invest more in their marketing strategies, which could potentially lead to increased brand awareness and sales. Therefore, it would be impressive to see how this move will affect the tech industry in the coming months.

Livya Arora
Livya is a content writer at Todays Ecommerce and focuses on writing about upcoming ecommerce projects.