Run On KDrama Release Date Announcement with Cast Names

Well, well, well, arriving on the streaming giant Netflix in December of 2020 is this year’s last jTBC drama. The name of this series is called Run On. Here, we have wrapped up everything that a person needs to know about this upcoming drama from Korea. Run On can be considered as an upcoming licensed Netflix original K Drama series that is directed by Lee Jae Hoon. Park Shi Hyun is the writer as well as the director of this show. Also, at this point in time, a release date has also been confirmed by Netflix.

Run On release date has been set for the 16th of December 2020. Run On is set to have a total of 16 episodes with new episodes available to stream every Wednesday as well as Thursday. The final episode of the show is going to release on the 4th of February 2021. Each of its episodes is going to have a runtime of 70 minutes each. Run On episodes will get a broadcast in South Korea. It will be done on a cable television network called jTBC before they shortly release on Netflix too.

run on poster
KDrama Run On Poster


Run On ― What is its plot all about?

As for the plot of Run On, the whole audience can witness Ki Sun gyeom who is a sports agent. Once in history, he was actually a professional sprinter for the national team of South Korea. Although, because of a rather controversial legal case, he was forced to quit. Then we have Oh Mi Joo who is a subtitle translator for films is pretty thrilled to witness her name flashing at the end of a superhit film.

Another character in the show is Seo Dan A who is fighting for her rightful place in the form of the future head of the Seomyng Group. Although, she has outdated prejudices that push her down the list made of potential successors. Then we have Lee Youn Hwa who is a major in art. He appears in the life of Seo Dan A with his kind as well as caring nature. This draws them further together.

Run On ― Who are the cast members?

As for the cast members of Run On, we have Im Shi Wan reprising the role of Ki Seon Gyeom. Shin Se Kyung enacts the character of Oh Mi Joo. Choi Soo Young plays the part of Seo Dan Ah. Kang Tae Oh reprises the role of Lee Young Hwa. Cha Hwa Yun enacts the character of Yook Ji Woo. Park Young Gyu plays the part of Ki Jung Do.

Abel Ryu is going to reprise the role of Ki Eun Bi. Lee Jung Ha enacts the character of Kim Woo Sik. Choi Jae Hyun plays the part of Seo Tae Woong. Kim Dong Young reprises the role of Go Ye Joon. Also, the biggest factor that might affect the ratings of Run On is its timeslot. It will air weekly on Wednesday as w ell as Thursday. All the jTBC dramas that have proven to be highly popular used to stream on the weekends.

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