Ryan Murphy Says That He Connects To The Prom on Personal Level

Well, as all you guys might already know that Ryan Murphy is the person who happens to have one of the most elective resumes in the entire Hollywood. Well, as for his latest film, the iconic director has decided that he wants to go more Glee as compared to American Horror Story. When he did all the processes and math, the result came out in the form of a film called The Prom on Netflix. This project can be considered as a giddy and feel-good project adaptation of the hit broadway musical.

In this drama, the entire spotlight is thrown on a group of stars from the Great White Way who is in need of image rehab. This little group gets involved in a fight of a small-town girl to take her girlfriend to her high school prom. All this while, there is a huge all-star lineup that plays the part of these spoiled celebrities as well as many of the other adult characters employed in the show. They all enthusiastically sing as well as dance their way through the tale.


The Prom ― The cast list and the press conference!

The cast list includes Meryl Stree, James Corden, Kerry Washington, Nicole Kidman, Keegan Michael Key, and Andrew Rannells. Ariana DeBose has won a Tony Award and she will be joining this cast at the center of controversy. Then we have a newcomer, that is, Jo Ellen Pellman. These kids turn in some fantastic performances that more than hold up to those of their highly popular co-stars.

In a press conference for the film, the news media outlets had Ryan Murphy along with his huge diverse cast members discussing The Prom. They even listed the challenges they have faced while learning the intricate dance numbers. The cast members revealed that the Hollywood veterans all thought about working with DeBose as well as Pellman. Also, they talked about all the things that the audience can experience while watching the film.

Here is what Ryan Murphy has to say about The Prom being personal to him!

Well, the director came up and disclosed how his decision to make an adaptation of The Prom is really personal. He says that the most interesting thing to him is that the heroine is from Indiana where she is refused to go to her prom. Murphy says that when he was just halfway through the film, he realized that this was exactly his experience at the prom. We know that Ryan Murphy is from Indiana and he says that he was not allowed to go to his prom.

This is exactly the reason why it has become so personal to him. Also, Murphy would want to get his whole cast list into the shape of the movie musical. Thus, he ensured that they have a lot of time to rehearse all about it before the production started on the project. He says that they have taken over a very large space at the studio provided by Paramount Pictures and everyone rehearsed and trained as much as they could.

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