Biden’s Expensive Zoom Call Setup

Biden expensive zoom setup

Joe Biden is recently working from Home, and with the term “from home,” we mean the beautiful White House. He has been active on Twitter, so he revealed his Zoom setup, which looks much better than his actual office. In the year 2020, most of the workers were forced to set up an office in their homes. During that time, there was not much advancement in video-conferencing as this pandemic had just hit humanity. Now, in the year 2022, video conferencing has advanced a lot. Just look at President Joe Biden Expensive Zoom Call Setup. See the tweet here

Joe Biden Zoom Set-Up

Early this week, Joe Biden, with the help of Twitter, showed the world the picture of the Resolute desk in his Oval Office. He was discussing the gas prices getting lower in the USA, and on his computer, a graph was built for the same. While Joe Biden was showing the falling gas prices, he was also showing off his Zoom Setup. As usual, the tech community got fascinated with this. They dug a bit more to learn more about his zoom setup.

After a little investigation, they found that Joe Biden is using a Neat Board. It has a rollable screen developed by a Norwegian company operating for a few years. Of course, if Joe Biden uses it, it might be a little expensive. This six feet tall 65-inch 4K display costs more than $7000.

$7000 Zoom Setup

As Joe Biden is the President, it is obvious that he needs the best setup so that he can do all his international meetings, pass laws, and do all the things that the President has to do. Well, it is not important to have a $7000 setup to work from Home. If you think he is a president or something and should get this expensive setup, then you are wrong.

Biden expensive zoom setup

This new hybrid work policy makes us want to invest in this setup. If you have an expensive setup, you will get all the amazing features such as noise-canceling, best visuals, or best picture for video conferencing.

However, you don’t need this expensive setup even if it has the greatest setup because it is expensive, and you don’t need this expensive setup.

This was all about Joe Biden’s expensive zoom call setup. Work From Home has become an integral part of the employee. They have become so comfortable at Home that if the in-office starts happening again, they won’t be able to go. Few companies have started in-office work, and employees are getting a hard time with this. Investing in a home setup office can be a great idea if you are damn sure that your company will not do in-office soon.

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