Everything About Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8

Everyone is so excited about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. Though there are still a few months left for its launch, people can’t keep calm. They want to know everything about it. We are here to give you every detail about this upcoming Apple Watch. The information may vary as nothing is confirmed yet. So, without waiting further, let’s get started.

Here’s Everything We Know About Apple Watch Series 8


There were rumors regarding the design of the Apple Watch Series 7 that, like the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro, there might be flat edges in Series 7 too. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Now, for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8, there might be flat edges with a flat display.

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Size Options

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 might have a rise in size too. Ross Young, a display analyst, said there would be a five percent increase in the display. Moreover, Series 7 has a display of 1.9 inches which will be increased to 1.99 for series 8.


Apple is about to introduce an Apple Watch, which will have a larger screen and a metal casing. Exclusively for hikers, athletes, and adventurous people, Apple Watch 8 will be the biggest device of Apple company. It will feature an extra display for the fitness metrics. There will also be an option of resistance and protection with the help of a metal casing. Series 8 will have long battery life and a shatter-resistant screen.

It is speculated that Apple Watch Series 8 would be the most expensive watch of the Apple Company.

Possible Health Features

The upcoming Apple Watch will have several health features, including a blood-pressure checker, fertility thermometer, sleep tracker, and diabetes detector. If all the sensors were in perfect position, then all the features would be added. There might also be features exclusively for women and also medication management. These are all speculations. Nothing is confirmed yet.

Temperature Sensor will be there in the Apple Watch of 2022. It would detect if a person has a high body temperature or not. Moreover, it would not detect the actual measurement. For the proper measurement, an algorithm would be required.

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Moreover, Apple is also aiming to develop a feature to detect car crashes. If a car crashes, this feature will immediately dial emergency numbers for help.

For the future Apple Watch Series, Apple Company has patented several technologies that it might use in the future. These technologies include biometric authentication, where the Apple Watch will identify the person wearing the watch by its skin pattern. Also, there would be a self-tightening option where the watch will adjust itself according to the wrist’s circumference.

Lastly, there would be a LED Indicator to identify the activity level. For example, the LED light will change to green after a workout.

These features of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 look very interesting, but these are only assumptions and speculations. More valid information will be released soon by the Apple Company.

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