South Korea And Japan To Impose Strong Lockdown Restriction To Prevent People From Corona Virus

South Korea and Japan are facing a continuous spike in corona cases in the last couple of weeks. In spite of many steps taken by the governmental organization, they couldn’t able to control the spread of the virus. This deadly virus has brought many damages to the majority of countries around the globe. Still, it’s continuing to expand through human transmission wither physical objects and other communication devices. To control the virus, Many European countries are planning to impose the second phase of lockdown to prevent their people from the deadly virus. Many international organizations have invested millions of dollars in developing vaccines to fight against deadly pandemic. WHO has announced that the second wave of the virus might bring in some of the destructive changes similar to the first wave which occurred during the month of March.

South Korea has been fighting against the virus for a quite long period of time, they have been continuously in contact with the international medical organization in getting information about the preventive measures to stop the virus from getting spread.  Its officially reported from the government authorities that the virus has infected 386 new cases. This has forced the medical experts to frame some of the new instructional that has to be followed by the common people. It’s clear that the country is still following the social distancing which is advised by the international health bodies. Even though many medical institutes are continuously working on developing vaccines, they still haven’t announced their final testing progress. it looks like these medicines might take quite a long time than it was earlier predicted.

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It looks like a sudden increase in the corona cases might reimpose stronger social distancing restrictions. It’s expected that corona cases have surged mainly due to the loosening of restrictions during October month. Many countries around the world have allowed their people to carry out everyday tasks in the last couple of months. This has allowed people to break down the basic social distancing in public gatherings. Korea’s Disease Control and Prevention Agency which is responsible to handle such dangerous diseases have been continually updating the number of Corona cases both through online sources and also through the social media press releases. The latest update from the agency states that the country has  30,403 cases including 503 deaths in the past months.

Among the cases, most of the cases are reported in South Korea’s capital state Seoul. This is mainly because of the dense population that’s living in the part of the countries capital. Health workers who are working to prevent humans from the virus have been struggling to track transmission of the virus mainly in educational institutions and religious facilities. The surge of infections is also reported in many other cities around the country. Earlier, South Korea has been tackling the situation through aggressive testing and advising its people to stay indoors by imposing string rules and regulations. Japan is also badly affected by the virus, the country has also faced a stong recession where unemployment has been one of the important factors that the country is fighting against for the last couple of months.

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