Bharti Airtel To Acquire 5.2% Stock In Green Energy Company

Bharti Airtel which is the largest telecommunication proving company in the South Asian countries has officially announced that it’s planning to acquire a 5.2 percent stake in solar power company Avaada MHBuldhana. The company has been experimenting to launch its fast internet communication facility in the upcoming days. This telecommunication provider has millions of active users around the globe from different countries. The company holds a decent amount of revenue every year through its affordable telecommunication network service. It looks like the company will be acquiring this deal to support green energy with  Rs 4.55 crore in an all-cash deal.

Many big players in the industry have already taking its steps to invest in developing to use renewable energy as their primary source. It’s quite clear that each company is focusing on developing products that help the environment in providing a clean future. Airtel is a long-player in the industry has invested a huge sum of cash in developing solar energy company which clearly indicated that companies long time future plans. Avaada MHBuldhana Private Limited is basically a newly formed company which is aimed to develop energy using solar energy from the sun. Many startup companies has evolved in the recent times to develop sources that are designed to consume solar energy as its core fuel.

This shift in the current generation trend is also reflected in the automobile manufacturing industry. Electric cars and hybrid vehicles are the results of companies with a motive to manufacture renewable devices. It’s clear that this company will start its operational process in March 2021. This solar energy manufacturing company is a subsidiary of Avaada Energy Private Limited. This company already has experience in developing electric power using solar energy. It’s said that this is the first company in the country which has achieved the mission to generate  1 gigawatt from solar and wind projects. It’s expected that many new startup companies will be set up in the upcoming days to produce a large number of projects across the country to enhance solar power projects.

Solar Energy
Solar Energy Still

Many government organizations are encouraging such projects by extending financial support. These projects consume a huge investment while setting up a power plant as an initial investment. After the initial setup process, it might be consuming quite a lot of money in maintaining those power plants. It looks like many other big companies around the world might be extending their initial stage of investment in buying the stock of this company. The main reason behind these huge investments is that these projects have a bright future which is capable enough to generate millions of dollars once it started generating revenue.

Consuming solar energy as a source of core fuel in generating electricity will be a game-changer in the manufacturing industry. These energy sources are absolutely free and can be converted into electricity without any cost. The only thing which consumes a lot of money is that it needs a huge amount of capital while installing such plants. This Maharashtra based company is the first independent company to develop solar energy projects. Other than this many other companies are operating with the help and guidance of governmental institutions to generate electricity through solar power.

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