Vladimir Guerrero Jr: Is He Single or Keeping a Secret Relationship in 2022?

Ismael Cruz scouted Vladimir Guerrero Jr back in 2015 when the player came of age and became eligible to sign a contract. He was handed a bonus of $3.9 million just for signing with the club Toronto Blue Jays. Reflecting his father’s talent (Vladimir Guerrero Sr), the young man had extraordinary potential as a hitter even as a 14-year-old. The club was anxiously waiting for him to attain a legal age to sign the contract with them. And so they did! The club even made a few sacrifices by trading some of their players to the Los Angeles Dodgers, just to consolidate Vlady’s spot on the team.

The Blue Jay star player earned his first pro homer in his second game itself on June 23, 2016. Later in 2017, he went on to become the youngest player to join the Futures Game. Following that came another feat in 2018 as Guerrero was ranked high as the #3 prospect in the sport of Baseball.

We could go on and on about the Baseball prodigy’s achievements without shedding a drop of sweat. However, we’re now going to swerve from our current lane to talk about his relationship status in 2022. Vladimir Guerrero Jr is a hot topic in the world of Baseball, so we’re here to answer if he’s single at this moment in time or not.

Who Is Vladimir Guerrero Jr?

Playing for the Toronto Blue Jays in Major League Baseball, Vladimir Guerrero Jr first debuted with his club in 2019. Now, his positions on the team are that of a hitter and first baseman. He’s carrying forward the legacy of his father Vladimir Guerrero Sr, who was also a player in the MLB back in the day.

Last week, he hit his 18th homer of this season. And on Saturday, he hit a huge home run out of Rogers Centre. On the same day, the Blue Jays decided to celebrate him and his father Vladimir Guerrero Sr by gifting them their bobbleheads. It was a remarkable day for the two indeed since Guerrero Sr threw his first pitch to “Vladdy Jr”. The auspicious moment was captured by the Toronto Blue Jays and shared on their official Twitter page.

Jr’s contribution came through last year as he was accorded the All-Star title for his plays. Similarly, he’s giving his all this season too, and has even brought home numerous victories for his team.

Is Vladimir Guerrero Jr Dating Someone?

The Montreal-born 23-year-old Baseball champ is ostensibly single presently. Nothing is set in stone though because he’s had good practice at keeping his life secrets hidden from the tabloids.

He did have a relationship in the past but tracing that history isn’t an easy task. Being a public figure can be a bane at times, especially since everyone is in pursuit of gossip surrounding your private life. However, Vladimir Guerrero Jr has put in all his efforts to protect his privacy at all costs.

The timeline’s a bit blurry but it seems like he entered into his previous relationship at a young age, before acquiring his celebrity status.

The Canadian-Dominican first baseman has three children at the moment – two daughters and a son. The two daughters were christened Vlymil and Vlyshil, while the boy’s name is Pedro. Despite being sighted in public with his kids, he hasn’t made any announcements regarding the identity of his girlfriend.

Ever since he joined the team, he’s been enlisted high as one of the top prospects of the Blue Jays. His precise net worth hasn’t been revealed but we can narrow it down to somewhere around $5 million.

His other family members are his two brothers – Pablo Guerrero and Vladi Miguel Guerrero. You can check out his Instagram handle “vladdyjr27” for more updates on his life right from the lion’s mouth.

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