Style Inspirations and EVERGLOW on New Single “First,” Boy Group Comparisons

“We truly needed to return solid and not give something that was in the middle or tasteless.”

“Is there anything EVERGLOW can’t do?” Sihyeon energetically yells in Korean, as the recently blessed head of the worldwide young lady bunch sees her bandmates hopefully. They answer her call with an uproarious, upbeat “No! There’s nothing!” It’s late morning in Seoul, and the six individuals from EVERGLOW need me (and now likewise you) to realize that they are boundless. Like the champion space witches they encapsulate in the music video for their pounding new single “First,” they’re not limited by mortal developments of time and gravity. They can, and will, do everything.

In a long time since their introduction, EVERGLOW has cut out space in the jam-packed K-pop scene that is extraordinarily their own, where cheeky headbangers meet strong, winded energy and rich feel. They’ve additionally piled up a huge number of perspectives on YouTube all the while. For their most recent scaled-down collection, Last Melody, delivered on May 25, the sure sextet changes into a gathering of a boss “advanced Avengers,” as rapper E: U puts it. Along these lines, actually, not space witches, yet Onda rocks space buns.

The young ladies of EVERGLOW rush to announce that “this idea fits us well” – and that is not difficult to say when each idea fits them like a completely custom-made suit. Battle-ready desert ravers? They did it with 2019’s “Farewell.” Retro synth femme fatales? As of now aced it in 2020 with “La Di Da.” Full-time ice princesses, low-maintenance EDM-knocking rebels? They’ve attempted that too with “Dun,” and it was noisy and pretentious. That is the thing about EVERGLOW: They aren’t reluctant to pull out all the stops, to dial up the bass and demeanor, and to consistently apply more sparkle.

In front of an audience, they employ this force with lithe accuracy and invulnerable Moxy. Here, through Zoom, they show an alternate sort of bubbly appeal, gentler yet similarly as intense. They’re particularly rational. Truth be told, Sihyeon, E: U, Mia, Onda, Aisha, and Yiren relish a ton of exactly the same things most twenty-something ladies do: tank tops, YouTube instructional exercises, popular joggers with versatile belts, hair color, and Gossip Girl — the first, not the recovery.

With their online show, The First, scheduled for July 25 and in the midst of a rushed special timetable for “First,” EVERGLOW addressed Teen Vogue about their own style, their opinion on those kid bunch correlations, and what Forever – their authority being a fan name – can expect straightaway.

Adolescent Vogue: When I tune in to your music, I feel a ton of force and power. [Sihyeon gives a thumbs up.] How might you depict the mark EVERGLOW sound?

Sihyeon: We truly needed to return solid and not give something that was in the middle of dull. Thus, for this rebound, we needed a solid execution and solid articulations. We gave all that we could give, and that is a lot of the EVERGLOW way.

Aisha: I would say our music has a ton of energy.

Television: The music video for “First” resembles a science fiction film with loads of embellishments and fighter-type ‘fits. “La Di Da” was very femme fatale and motivated by the film Sin City. What’s your main thing from attempting such countless visual ideas?

E:U: Until presently, we’ve done numerous ideas, but instead of picking an idea we like the best, truly, we needed to show all our Forever different sides of us. “La Di Da’s” idea had its own appeal, and “First” has an amazing and cool appeal. Looking forward, we might want to [continue to] show different sides of us to Forever.

Television: How might you at that point characterize the idea and style of “First”?

Sihyeon: Esthetically, it’s a blend of dull and light. Mia and Onda have colored their hair extremely brilliant shadings, yet our looks are exceptionally solid. We work on our demeanors a ton. Our solidarity is our presentation, and this rebound shows how solid we can be.

Television: Is this your most troublesome presentation?

Yiren: Definitely.

E:U: Yes, this is the most troublesome rebound… the movement. This is the most troublesome dance among every one of the exhibitions. We’re doing limited-time exercises and surprisingly in front of an audience, every one of the individuals is struggling [exhausted]. In spite of the troubles, it’s brought results we can be glad for, so I’m cheerful.

Television: Sihyeon, you have a second in the movement where you need to remain on the backs of a portion of your artists.

Sihyeon [in English]: It’s intense, intellectually. I’m so apprehensive when I go up on our artists’ backs. Yet, without fail, I contemplate internally, “Alright OK how about we go, I can do this!!!” It’s excessively startling.

Television: And you’re moving in some truly stout boots. Do they feel as hefty as they look? What’s it like breaking those in?

Sihyeon: We wear them from the time that we’re rehearsing until it’s the ideal opportunity for our rebound during practices, so it’s fine.

Aisha: We wear it until we’re utilized to it however much as could be expected, so it’s not weighty any longer.

Television: How long do you wear them to break them in?

Onda: About seven days during our practices.

Television: I see a great deal of remarks online about how this rebound, explicitly, has a “kid bunch” sound. It’s a truly boisterous, incredible melody and execution, and I think some K-pop fans partner that with kid gatherings. What’s your opinion on that?

E:U: We don’t feel upset or think that route by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t believe it’s entitlement to isolate [songs] among male and female symbol music. I would prefer to see remarks that say “EVERGLOW will be EVERGLOW” or “obviously, this is EVERGLOW.”

Aisha: Also, the main goal is showing another side of EVERGLOW, and I for one truly like our tunes.

Onda: This sort of style [of music] is a first for us, so as opposed to be irritated with correlations with kid gatherings, I think it implies that we match this idea well.

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