Producing power of Phil Lord and Chris Miller in The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Spider-Man: Spider-Birth, which won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film and was a huge hit. The 3DCG animated movie The Mitchells and the Machine Rebellion, produced by the hitmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, is now available on Netflix. The reputation of critics and spectators is surprisingly high.

Introducing a family of five from the Mitchell family, consisting of parents, siblings, and a dog. The story progresses around the relationship between her sister Katie and her father Rick. Due to differences in values, the two have had a bad time in recent years and have not been able to communicate very well. Katie had few friends since she was little and had a hobby of shooting video works, but Rick was skeptical of her dream of continuing to shoot and working on large-scale video works. I was there. When Katie went to college in California to pursue her dreams and decided to live in a dorm away from her family, Rick worked with her mother Linda, her brother Aaron, and her dog Monchi to restore the relationship. Invite Katie for a long-distance drive to California. This is the last family trip before the members of the family are separated for the first time. When such a family’s journey began, mobile terminals and robots suddenly upraised, and the world became under the control of machines, like the future world of the Terminator series. Will the traveling family be able to escape the attacks of the robots and survive? The first thing that catches the eye of this work is the overall artwork. The story of this work is told by images edited like a lively handmade album that Katie, whose young talent is exploding right now, is likely to make. This handmade worldview and character were created by Lindsey Olivares, the production designer of this work, who also participated as a staff member in Trolls and The Emoji Movie. is there. The characters and image boards hand-painted by Olivares are exactly the junk but tastefully decorated atmosphere of this work. In Spider-Man: Spider Bath, a hip-hop taste that matches the image of the main characters incorporated into the whole story, and the unprecedented animation video were highly evaluated, but the video of this work is a rich expression of Katie’s world, which has no money but is demonstrating creative talent one after another. That’s right. It is the first time for Oliverless to assume the role of production designer, who is expected to be director Michael Rianda and is an important post of the work, which is also called art director, but at this opportunity, her talent is exactly in the works. It caused a big explosion to assimilate with Katie and became a central figure who colors the world of CG works with a very personal sensibility. By the way, the characters were designed by Olivares based on the director’s actual family, and Katie’s character is also an image of the director’s personality. The era in which the audience is amazed by the approach to the reality of CG animation, the fineness and the sense of scale, has already come to an end. The success of Spider-Man: Spider-Birth and the high reputation of this work show that the audience’s tastes are returning to those who have a personal sensibility. The CG work expresses the texture of this work, which is close to Olivares’ hand-painting, and although the expression method itself is different, director Isao Takahata’s My Neighbors Yamada-Kun and The Tale of Princess Kaguya It can be said that attempts such as using CG to express the charm of hand-painting are now approaching the mainstream.

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