Marvel: How many and what are the anime inspired by Avengers, X-Men and other heroes of the publisher?

Although Marvel productions venturing into anime are relatively recent, the truth is that they have gone unnoticed by many of the fans.

This is an unfortunate situation because if there is one thing Marvel animes are characterized by, it is because of their frenetic pace and extremely careful animation work. If you are also one of those who did not know these works, or just want to refresh your memory a bit, you are in luck during the day, because we will tell you how many and which are the animes inspired by the characters of the publisher.

Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher
This film of the most powerful heroes on Earth was produced by Madhouse, a Japanese studio that has given us delicacies such as Death Note or Sakura Card Captors. It was held in 2014 and was directed by Kenichi Shimizu. It tells the story of the Punisher, who must team up with Black Widow and some of the best spies in the Avengers to stop a dangerous group of terrorists. The animation of this work is simply wonderful because even the smallest detail was taken care of.

Years later, specifically in 2017, the Madhouse production company would return to return to some Avengers characters to make the Marvel Future Avengers anime together with Disney. The 26 episodes that make up this anime are little known, although fortunately, Disney has already announced that they will soon be available through its streaming entertainment service.

Marvel Future Avengers tells the story of three young teenagers: Makoto, Adi, and Chloe, who were trained by Hydra to fight the most powerful heroes on Earth, however, in this process, young people will learn that the Avengers are not the villains, joining this group of heroes to take down the real bad guys on the planet.

Hombre de Hierro
But Marvel Future Avengers was not the first anime series in which Madhouse worked, nor was Avengers Confidential the producer’s first foray into the Marvel Universe since in 2011 he made four series for the House of Ideas. One of the most popular of these anime would be Iron Man, in which we would see Tony Stark’s alter ego face various threats in Japan.

X Men
Although probably the most popular anime of Madhouse would be X-Men, a 12-episode series that would narrate the adventures of the team formed by Charles Xavier. Not only is the animation of this series a delight, but the writers took advantage of the classic lineup of the X-Men to tell us their stories. This anime was almost as good as the famous 90s cartoon about the children of the atom.

As a spin off of the X-Men series , Madhouse decided to make a 12-part series about Wolverine. This story would be strongly influenced by the comics that Frank Miller and Chris Claremont wrote about the character, which located many of the important events of Logan’s life in Japan, a fact that the producer used to place the anime’s plot in the land of the rising sun.

Last but not least, we are faced with an anime that brought back one of the least popular characters from the House of Ideas: we are talking, of course, about Blade. The story of this series would bring back the most violent vampire hunter of all in a crusade against Deacon Frost, a horrifying monster hidden in Southeast Asia. Perhaps of all the Marvel anime, this is the most forgettable, and that Blade has great moments of action.

As you can see, although there aren’t many, Marvel’s forays into anime have resulted in works of true quality. In the writing, we recommend any of these series, which we can assure you are at the level of the best works that the industry has given in Japan.

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