Sid is in charge of the opening theme of the anime “Heaven Official’s Gift” that started in July! Announcing a tour from September!

The special live <SID LIVE 2021 -Star Forest-> held by the visual kei rock band Sid at the Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater in Yamanashi for two days on the 15th and 16th has ended successfully. Originally scheduled for last year, it was postponed to this year due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

As the members performed the song “Star Forest” of the same name, which was produced for this event and released on the 15th, with all the feelings of the members, the moment of joy of the fans came.

From such Sid, new news was announced live on this day.

Sid will be in charge of the opening theme for the Japanese version of the Chinese anime “Heaven Official’s Gift,” which will start in July.

The title of this new song is “Kissing of Jiyu”.

It is very interesting to see how anime, which already has a great influence in China, will react domestically through collaboration with Sid.

The following message was delivered from vocalist Mao on this project.

This time, Sid will be in charge of the opening theme of the anime “Heaven Official’s Gift”.

The title is “Kissing of Jiyu” The kiss of Jiyu that keeps secret, reunites, and gently wraps up.

I was able to express in the lyrics the part where the song and the world view of “Heaven Official’s Gift” are most beautifully linked.

Let’s wait for the start of the anime in July!

In addition to this, Sid finally left a promise to the fans at the venue, saying, “Let’s meet in September.”

The answer to that promise was posted on the official website after the performance.

It is said that they are planning a Zepp tour around the country starting with Zepp Haneda on September 3rd (Friday).

In return to the fans who came to see the Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater, he left a promise to continue to the future, saying, “Sid will go to see you.”

Ticket details will be announced at any time, so please check back from time to time.

Broadcast information
Japanese dubbed version
Scheduled to start broadcasting on TOKYO MX / BS11 from July 2021 Scheduled to start broadcasting
on CS “Home Drama Channel” from autumn 2021

Japanese subtitled version
June 26, 2021 (Saturday) Episode 1 Pre-broadcast
Scheduled to start broadcasting on CS “Home Drama Channel” from July 2021

The prince of Senrakukoku, Xie Lian, has a natural talent, trained with the aim of saving people, and jumped up to become a warrior god. However, he is banished from heaven twice.
And 800 years. Xie made the third ascent. However, no one now prays to him, who is said to be the “laughter of the three worlds.” In order to collect merit, Xie went down to the lower world where people lived and steadily collected junk while returning as a priest.
One day, on the way back from collecting junk, he meets a mysterious boy who calls himself “Sanran”.


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