“BATTLE OF TOKYO” becomes an anime and game! Jr. EXILE members talk about new developments

LDH JAPAN’s comprehensive entertainment project “BATTLE OF TOKYO” has started in earnest, and it has been decided that it will be transmitted to the world as the world’s first “Mixed Reality Entertainment” that crosses and fuses real and virtual.

“BATTLE OF TOKYO” is GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE, FANTASTIC from EXILE TRIBE, BALLISTIC BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE, a project in which “Jr.EXILE generation” who grew up longing for EXILE participate. In 2019, music videos and compilation albums for each group to perform a “round-robin collaboration battle” were announced, and a 4DAYS live at Makuhari Messe in Chiba was held. This project has been silent since life, but this time, a total of 38 Jr. EXILE members have turned into avatars, and it will start in earnest as “Mixed Reality Entertainment” that develops various digital and virtual content such as animation and games. On June 23, Jr. EXILE’s new album “BATTLE OF TOKYO TIME 4 Jr. EXILE” will be released. This work is a work that expresses the contents of the novel “BATTLE OF TOKYO Vol.1” released in February with music and video, and animation and live-action are mixed in the MV. GENERATIONS avatar MAD JESTERS, THE RAMPAGE avatar ROWDY SHOGUN, FANTASTIC avatar Astro9, BALLISTIC BOYZ avatar JIGGY BOYS will appear in the animation part, and a total of 38 characters will be set in “Super Tokyo”. Spin. In addition to the MV, the first production limited edition will be live “BATTLE OF TOKYO ~ ENTER THE Jr.” by Jr. EXILE held in July last year, which fans have been eager to visualize. The pattern of “EXILE ~” will be recorded for the first time. CRAFTER is in charge of animation production for this project. Character design by Yusuke Kozaki and mechanical design by Yutaka Izubuchi. The voices of each character are from famous voice actors, and today the voice of ZERO (Alan Shirahama) is Yuki Kaji, the voice of TEKU (world) is Shunsuke Takeuchi, PARTE (It was revealed that Subaru Kimura is in charge of the voice of Mandy Sekiguchi, Kaito Ishikawa is in charge of the voice of LUPUS ( Kazuma Kawamura ), and Shun Horie is in charge of the voice of LUCAS (Hokuto Yoshino ). At the press conference of “BATTLE OF TOKYO” held today on April 18, the world’s avatar TEKU was unveiled. Staff equipped with a motion capture system moves in the studio, and Shunsuke Takeuchi, who plays the voice of TEKU, speaks in real-time and demonstrates real-time animation. Takeuchi, who spoke to the moving animation, commented, “I think the animation has finally evolved. I myself want to try to express the enthusiasm and liveliness of the live performance.” When the world is called into TEKU on the screen, “two people” perform a dance battle. When the world performed a difficult dance to provoke TEKU, TEKU also danced a powerful dance with the hem of the costume fluttering. After the dance battle between the world and TEKU, Mr. Shoichi Furuta, the representative of CRAFTER who produced the animation, appeared on the stage. He revealed an episode that he brushed up in response to a request from the world of anime lovers who participated as a capture model for the development of real-time animation, “I want you to feel the mass so that the character does not look light.” Next on stage is Ryota Katayose from GENERATIONS, Mandy Sekiguchi, Kazuma Kawamura of THE RAMPAGE, Hokuto Yoshino, the world of FANTASTIC, Masahiro Sunada of BALLISTIC BOYZ will be on stage. Katayose said about this project, which will start in earnest this time, “I am very excited to have lived two years ago and started in 2021. I am frankly looking forward to it.” The first step. I’m very excited. ” Yoshino, who faced his own animated avatar, LUCAS, said, “It’s amazingly reproducible and the quality is high. Even the mole of my nose is reproduced. I’m really looking forward to the voice and movement of the voice actor here. “I’m so happy,” Sunada said of his avatar, Skeet, “I’m really unbelievable and happy that I’m a character. As Mr. Kitato said, I was surprised at the reproducibility. I will. ” Sekiguchi was overjoyed that his avatar, PARTE, had the same voice as Subaru Kimura, saying, “Of course I knew it, and I’m happy because I’m” Tamendy “.” Kawamura said that Ishikawa was in charge of the voice of his avatar, “it was too gorgeous to make a voice.” Regarding Jr.EXILE’s second album “BATTLE OF TOKYO TIME 4 Jr.EXILE” to be released in June, Katayose said, “This is an album that expresses the world view of” BATTLE OF TOKYO “, and there are songs from each group. There are also collaborative songs. There is also one song sung by the entire group, so there are plenty of songs. ” Kawamura commented on the content, “The colors of each group are often seen, but there are plenty of sounds that are close to” BATTLE OF TOKYO “and the feeling that it is not just pushing the colors of the usual group. That’s it. ” “BATTLE OF TOKYO ~ ENTER THE Jr.” will be packaged for the first time on the vide

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