The Dragon Ball Super community literally exploded this morning when, on the new official website of the anime, an interview with an animator emerged who would have let slip a sensational indiscretion on the return of the animated series. Let’s try to understand more about what happened.

We now know with total certainty that the animated counterpart of Dragon Ball Super has some projects in the pipeline, certainly a movie for 2022 since it was announced on the occasion of Goku Day. Anyway, this morning an interview emerged with a certain Florence Jay Dominguito, an animator of TOEI Animation but of the division in the Philippines, who would have answered a question about the future of the franchise with the expression that reads:

” […] I’m also thrilled with the idea of ​​the new [TV] anime that will continue Dragon Ball Super. ”

If so, then, in a completely accidental way, the animator would have indirectly announced Dragon Ball Super 2. Yet, comparing the interview in Japanese with the one in English, some significant differences arose. The Japanese counterpart, in fact, is accompanied by a slightly different answer that can be summarized as follows: ” I can’t wait to know if there will be a new Dragon Ball Super anime on TV. ”

A very different answer, and also much more probable, since it is unthinkable a blunder of the kind on the part of the official Dragon Ball website that would have revealed in this way the arrival of the new season. After all, a banner at the top of the site explains to beware of translations other than Japanese as they can contain errors. Errors that, in an official site dedicated to one of the most popular franchises in the world, should not be allowed to avoid misunderstandings of any kind. We therefore cannot tell you when and if Dragon Ball Super 2 will arrive, but it is true that everyone in the sector, including the animators, can’t wait to get back to putting their hand to Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece.

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