Flute performance video released by Cocomi! Animated movie “Fishing Port Meat Child” soundtrack board, details lifted

“scene listening to songs about to flashback, to match music and video, and Do not come much in mind I thought” (Cocomi) “of the fishing port movie Nikuko -chan” of the original soundtrack details revealed became.

Sanma Akashiya fell in love with the novel by Naoki Prize-winning author, Kanako Nishi, and planned and produced the theatrical anime movie ” Gyoko no Nikuko- chan”, which has a reason to live on a boat in the fishing port. A heart-full comedy where the secrets of Ko-chan and Kikuko are so moving. Directed by Ayumu Watanabe of “Doraemon Nobita’s Dinosaur 2006” (2006) and “Children of the Sea” (2019), STUDIO 4 ℃ has many fans all over the world with overwhelming quality and world view of animation production. Is in charge. Shinobu Otake’s voice, Daughter Kikuko’s voice is served by Cocomi, and it has become a hot topic in the appearance of popular voice actors such as Natsuki Hanae, Hiro Shimono, Riho Yoshioka, and Matsuko Deluxe. The original soundtrack of this work will be released on June 9th. At the beginning is the theme song “Image Poem”, in which 10-year-old Inagaki Raizumi sings Takuro Yoshida’s masterpiece. Mr. Takuro Yoshida, who listened to the completed song, said, “From the bottom of my heart.” “Great” “pacific saury-Kun, nice idea!” Furthermore, it is clear that the song “Taketen” written by GReeeeN and named by pacific saury Akashiya will be recorded. “Taketen”, which was named by breaking down the kanji “laugh” into “bamboo” and “heaven”, marks the end of the original soundtrack. Takatsugu Muramatsu, known for “When Marnie Was There” (2014), worked on the soundtrack for this work and was in charge of the music accompanying the play. Regarding the song “Nikuko-chan of the fishing port” recorded in the second song, “I experienced various life experiences, and at the fishing port I arrived at, I started to build a new life and deepened the bond with everyone while involving the surroundings. In order to express the child, I expressed the passionate heart of the meat child while valuing the Kansai dialect’s glue and tempo, and the song “Fishing port meat child” that was completed by trial and error. “It is.” In addition, regarding Cocomi, who decided to participate in the flute performance from Muramatsu’s suggestion, “Music that snuggles up to Kikuko’s adolescent subtle emotional changes that snuggle up to Meiko-chan. This is the music that I made this time. It was a part that required delicacy, but I think I was able to express it well. Behind the success is the song that expresses Kikuko with music, and the song with Cocomi’s flute who plays Kikuko. It was a big thing to be able to express it. ” Cocomi also said, “I really like Takatsugu Muramatsu’s” Earth “for flute and piano. , I always listened to it on YouTube, so I was very happy to receive this offer. I thought that the music and the video would match so much that the scene would flashback when I listened to the song, and it wouldn’t come to my mind. It was a song I really liked, so I enjoyed playing it. ” Cocomi also has the 5th song “Nikuko-chan” Good morning “, the 12th song “Slowly becoming a family”, the 14th song “I can’t decide”, and the 20th song “Small hope, overflowing light”. Play the flute. The making, which has been lifted this time, shows Cocomi playing while being nervous and enjoying “becoming a family slowly”. Another key point in the music of this work is to express the story of Kikuko and his classmate boy Ninomiya. Muramatsu said, “While maintaining a delicate sense of distance between the two, expressing the catch ball of the heart and heart with music, I think that the expressive power of Mr. Dai Miyata of the cello is also the point of this music.” ing. The emotional heart-full comedy “Fishing Port Meatko-chan”, created by the secrets of mother and daughter Meiko-chan and Kikuko, who lives on a boat at the fishing port, will be a national roadshow from June 11th, including TOHO Cinemas Hibiya. pacific saury Akashiya, who “makes a profit just by living”, brings smiles all over Japan. Release information 2021.06.09 ON SALE Original soundtrack of the animated movie “Gyoko no Nikuko-chan” [Recorded song] 01. Image poem / Inagaki Raizumi 02. Nikuko-chan in the fishing port 03. Nikuko-chan is my mother 04. Meiko-chan decided to live in this port 05. Meiko-chan “Good morning” 06. Yeah, I’m eating a lot 07. Everyone is alive there, it’s an amazing 08. “Special” 09. Meat The child is kind 10. “Kikurin, what did you say?” 11. Always the meat child with all his might 12. Slowly becoming a family 13. Don’t meet anyone in class 14. I Can’t be decided 15.

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